Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hoping the third time's the charm...

Well, I'm going to turn in the second blu-ray "One for the Money" and hope the third one is the charm and actually works. No telling if it will or not but my hope is that it will. Can I ask you all out there; have any of you ever had this much trouble renting blu-rays online, be it BlockBuster or Netflix, or some other obscure online rental company? With the advent of blu-ray being double-sided and able to hold up to 50GB of info you would think they would find a way for them to play without messing up so easy. I'm dating myself but I remember when there used to be "laserdiscs" that were the size of an LP album? An ex-friend of mine had one back in the day and I remember going over there to see a live concert of Paul McCartney and Wings. But, that was the past and now we these discs that are smaller and lighter, but nothing has changed in that sometimes products still give us trouble. Well, I'll have to wait about two days before I get another blu-ray in the mail. Once I do let's hope this one works, or I just might give up the by mail version and take my chances with the store.

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