Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cutting it close

Getting a haircut is a serious thing. I being from the old school like a proper scissors cut and not to be outdone by women I take my haircuts seriously. After leaving Texas I was dreading finding a new person to cut my hair - since it can be an ordeal finding just the right person while enduring endless bad haircuts and looking like a young Jerry Lewis in the meantime - for those who don't know who he is Google him. Even in Texas I went through 5 people until finding a person who truly knew how to CUT hair and do it consistently. Thankfully that person worked at the Supercuts in downtown Houston and did it for 7 years. After building up trust and a good rapport it was gut wrenching not knowing who would be giving me my haircut in the near future. It's like going to your favorite restaurant and you find out the cook you've eaten from for 7 years just up and quit and the manager is trying to cook in the kitchen; mind you he has a BA in business but can't boil water. Well, most of the people tell me they have a cosmetology license but it doesn't mean they know HOW to cut hair.

Well after being here for two months the time had come for me to get a haircut. I had been asking my friends who they'd recommend, but I never really got a ringing endorsement. The one that who could potentially be my "stylist' was a popular one with the kids. I was told she was always booked she had so much business; but being it was mostly kids haircuts I didn't know if the endorsement came from mothers who tried to save money and leaving with kids that loved their fades or just fad haircuts.

Well, since I couldn't remember where she worked and I didn't have another week or two to wait I decided to go to another Supercuts relatively close by. Oh and for those who don't know; getting around in this part of Pennsylvania is measured by time, not by miles. So being it was only 20 minutes away was very good by local standards.

So I arrived a little before lunch and find there was only one person in the place - good thing it was empty and I was the only customer. The look on her face showed surprise - I guess they don't get too many lunchtime comers - in downtown Houston it was a normal occurence; in fact that was the time it was most busy. So I asked her if she could give me a scissors haircut. She said yes and asked how I wanted it done. I guess there's different ways you can give a scissors haircut? I told her I got mine from a Zen Supercuts master haircutter and she had her work cut out for her. After asking me a series of questions I think she finally had an idea of what I wanted. Below is the end result. I certainly can live with it; what do you all think? By the way, my wife really liked it. I will go back again to make sure the first time wasn't a fluke. But if it is, then I will feel like David Carradine in Kung Fu (Google him too if you don't know), wandering in the proverbial desert thirsting to find the person who can give my hair follicles permanent relief.